physician-owned and managed real estate platform directed specifically towards doctors in USA.

PhysicianEstate is a Physician-Owned and Operated Real Estate for Doctors

What We Do

PhysicianEstate facilitates doctors Make Wealth and Keep Wealth.

Make Wealth

PhysicianEstate is a physician-owned and managed real estate platform directed specifically towards doctors in the USA.

Our goal is to facilitate highly educated individuals attain their financial freedom and accumulate assets.

We do this by empowering physicians with high-quality real estate content and investment opportunities.

Keep Wealth

First, we aim to discuss medical malpractice matters related to physicians, hoping to improve physicians' understanding of the healthcare law.

Second, we aim to improve risk management strategies, avoid lawsuits, and improve patient outcomes.

Lastly, we aim to help physicians not lose their hard earned wealth and/or assets by preventing them to get trapped in lawsuits and/or malpractice claims.

Physician Real Estate Platform

Why Invest with Us? What Makes Us Different from Other Real Estate Syndication Deals?

We invest in niche boutique commercial properties in a medium size segment that have a value add component.

What does that mean?

Gentrifying Location: We find properties in areas that are gentrifying. These are properties that are located in a desirable area, but have not reached their peak potential yet (up and coming neighborhoods) and properties that usually need renovation.

Panoramic Knowledge: We are doing this by having extensive knowledge about local factors such as employers, rents, crimes, neighborhood ambience, foot traffic, and comparable market.

Optimal Property Size: We look for commercial properties that are usually between $1 million and $8 million USD. There is less competition in this size segment, hence, you can buy them at a much better price.

Value Add Opportunities: We usually buy properties that need some work to reach their full income generating potential. They either need renovation or an addition of a few more rooms to the property, and etc.

Investors' Returns: Due to the above-mentioned strategies, our properties are able to generate significantly more profits compared to a syndication that is buying stabilized properties.


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